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At present, the department is working with one Associate Professor.

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Dr. Ramandeep Kaur

M.A, Ph.D

Dr. (Mrs.) Ramandeep Kaur joined this college in Oct, 2002. She has a very good academic career. A Gold Medallist in M.A (Sanskrit –Sahitya group) she was awarded Ph. D degree by M.D.S University, Ajmer. She has qualified NET for Junior Research Fellowship and Lectureship (both) in 1990. She has teaching experience of 29 years including 10.5 yrs of teaching Post Graduate classes in various Govt. Colleges in Rajasthan. In July 2002 she was selected by UPSC for the Post of Lecturer in Sanskrit.


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Inter College online Sanskrit Shalok/Geet Gayan Pratiyogita

August 2020

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Sanskrit is the mother language of most the Indo European Languages. Knowing Sanskrit is to know more of our ancient achievements and to derive benefits from such knowledge. To understand and to solve the present day problems, knowledge of centuries old Indian civilization and culture is must. To explore the same, ancient Sanskrit literature could play a key role .

 Sanskrit is undoubtedly necessary for protection of our cultural heritage. Sanskrit language and literature and all that it contains is a magnificent inheritance and so long as this endures and influences the life of our people, so long the basic genius of India will continue.

स्वस्मै स्वल्पं समाजाय सर्वस्वं

Keeping in view the importance of this language the Chandigarh Administration introduced the subject in the college since its inception. There is a Sanskrit Book Section in the College Library. Students doing their B.A –I,II and III are offered Sanskrit as an Elective Subject.

Couse Objective & Outcomes


1.लौकिक संस्कृत साहित्य के रचना-सौष्ठव से विद्यार्थियों का परिचय कराना ।

2.संस्कृत व्याकरणनिष्ठ भाषा है,अत: विद्यार्थियों को संस्कृत व्याकरण के अध्ययनार्थ शब्द रूप,धातु रूप,सन्धि,समास इत्यादि का सामान्य ज्ञान प्रदान करना ।

3. व्यावहारिक संस्कृत के समृद्ध शब्द-भण्डार से विद्यार्थियों में संस्कृत विषय के प्रति रुचि उत्पन्न करना।

4. कथाओं और नीति-उपदेशों के माध्यम से उत्तम मार्ग पर अग्रसर होने की प्रेरणा प्रदान करना।

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1 .विद्यार्थियों में संस्कृत भाषा एवं साहित्य,व्याकरण का ज्ञान ।

2. विद्यार्थियों के व्यक्तित्व पर सकारात्मक प्रभाव ।